Jeffrey Plott

Jeffrey Plott
Research Investigator, Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

Design and manufacturing; soft materials; additive manufacturing; biomedical device design; biomedical manufacturing; medical innovation.

Dr. Plott’s research is primarily in design and manufacturing with his PhD focusing on the additive manufacturing of soft silicone elastomers, enabling the custom manufacturing of functional and compliant silicone structures with potential use in countless medical, consumer, transportation, and building applications. Additionally, Dr. Plott designs and develops medical devices including: (1) a long-term nasophyngeal airway (NPA), (2) a wound cleaning device to minimize aerosols, (3) the clot buster mechanical thrombectomy device for stroke treatment, (4) a catheter balloon for gastroesophageal resuscitative occlusion of the aorta (GROA), (5) custom silicone CPAP/BiPAP masks for ALS patients, (6) a lacrimal stent to facilitate tear drainage, (7) a microvascular anastomosis device, (8) a tourniquet for military and civilian use, (9) a device to aid in the treatment of neuroma, and (10) a prostate biopsy needle device.

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